Abta LifeLine urges families facing tough summer to request assistance

Abta LifeLine is urging families facing financial challenges this summer to contact the charity and ask for assistance.

Support offered by the charity, which depends on individual circumstances, includes food vouchers, energy vouchers, vouchers for school uniforms, stationery and tech support and wellbeing support.

The assistance will mean families “don’t need to face the difficult decision of what essentials they may have to sacrifice this summer”, said an Abta LifeLine spokesperson.

They added: “The summer holidays are for most of us, a time to relax but, together with the expenses entailed by the return to school in September, they can place significant financial strains on many families.”

Trudie Clement, Abta Lifeline director, said: “The summer is for most of us one of the best times of year: a chance to relax, enjoy the good weather and take a well-earned holiday.

“But for many families, it can be a source of stress, with increased financial outgoing and additional costs with the return to school in September.

“Abta Lifeline is there to do whatever we can to lessen these burdens on families helping them to enjoy this time of the year as they spend more time with their loved ones.”

Abta LifeLine strives to create a “stronger, more supportive” industry.

The charity invites eligible individuals to apply for grants to receive extra assistance they require during challenging times.

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