A-Rosa River Cruises vows to hold prices for 2022

A-Rosa River Cruises has pledged to hold its prices for 2022 and not introduce any fuel surcharges as operational costs rise across the wider travel sector.

Lucia Rowe, the line’s UK and Ireland managing director, said the decision not to pass on any increases in fuel prices to passengers meant agents would have “peace of mind” when booking its cruises.

She said: “Our head office has made the important decision to not pass on any increases in fuel prices on to our guests this year.”

The German river line began its 2022 programme last month and plans to operate its entire fleet during 2022.

French cruise operator CroisiEurope “reluctantly” introduced a “small” fuel surcharge in response to the rise in global fuel prices last month.

At the time of writing, the price of Brent crude oil per barrel was $108 – up from $63 a year ago.

Regional airline Loganair said it planned to add a £3.95 fuel surcharge on one-way journeys from late March onwards.

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